Brand Refresh
Broadcast Graphics
UI Design
Over a 2 year period, we worked as an extension of the AELTC team, to solve underlying brand challenges, evolve and simplify the brands visual identity, and create new executions to bring the brand to life with impact, elegance and restraint.

We began by simplifying the brand toolkit but still allowing it the creative freedom to flex between exciting sports fans and more elegant and refined audiences. 

The creative expression of Wimbledon was defined, pushed and driven by three new creative principles – Pride through placement, elegance through restraint and dedication through detail.

Brand Refresh

Wimbledon Broadcast Graphics

Taking inspiration from the sport and its most iconic moments, the digital expression of the Wimbledon brand was driven by a simple motion principle – ‘Serve and Return’. This principle informed everything from idents, to transitions, and even more subtle behaviours such a lower thirds and UI buttons.

Mobile UI / UX
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