Brand identity
GoFit is a new affordable gym brand by Evolution Wellness – one of the largest, wholly-owned fitness club networks in South East Asia. Their portfolio of brands includes FitnessFirst, Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness and Five Elements.

GoFit was created with the intention of making fitness accessible to more people than ever before. Guided by its brand values of Smart, Invigorating, and Bold, GoFit aims to provide members with a convenient approach to fitness using technology as an enabler, in line with its brand positioning ‘to energise life through easy and affordable fitness.’ It offers members a smart new way to train through a no-frills, fuss-free gym experience.

We created a smart, simple and bold brand identity for GoFit. By using only the core brand assets in a smart and minimal way, we provided GoFit with the tools to tell stories, be emotive and be energetic – but never complex and emotionless. The dynamic and reactive typeface is a source for telling stories in a simple but effective way, reacting to the content it sits with and always in motion. 
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