The English Football League
An inclusive, global football experience
Formed in 1888, the EFL (English Football League) is the worlds oldest and original football league. Football has come a long way since 1888. It is now a sport watched religously by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. The EFL needed a brand that the world could relate to – a brand that could adapt to and engage with a global audience of football fans.

This global ambition of the EFL created the opportunity for us to create a fresh, new and exciting brand for them. 
The brand identity we developed was born from the idea ‘A Football Experience for Everyone’ – not just the elite and premier. 

This brand idea gave rise to an energetic, eclectic and bold, new logo and visual language. 

In it’s static form, the logo is stylised on the shape of the original leather football used in 1888. It is constructed from 72 circles, each representing the 72 clubs. It 3 divisions are representative of the 3 leagues in the EFL. The identity comes alive through a series of behaviours that take on the emotions of the sport – ACTION, REACTION and CELEBRATION. Each behaviour allows the identity to adapt and express itself, in both print and digital mediums, in a playful, energetic and varied way. 

© George Lewis-Jones 2021
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