Invented for Life in a Connected Life

German Brand Award Winner ‘17
Bosch is a brand synonymous with quality, longevity and realiability – ‘Invented for Life’ is their brand promise. However in todays world consumers expect more – they expect connectivity.  Bosch is in the process of becoming an IoT company. With smart products, Bosch seeks to connect people and machines, and so make everyday life simpler – we were approached to help bosch look, feel and behave more connected.

It is the connection between humanity and technology that makes Bosch a unique brand and is the basis for the visual identity. This gave rise to our brand idea ‘Connected Life’. An evolution of ‘Invented for Life’ for the modern Bosch consumer.

‘Invented for life’ is a claim integral to the brand. It has guided Bosch in everything.

‘Connected life’ is an idea we created that informs the way Bosch looks, feels and behaves. Through this new idea and new brand values, we created a brand refresh that provided Bosch with a dynamic, bold and energetic visual language suitable for their future as a leader in both product and technology.

Studio : FutureBrand
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